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NZ holds first ShadowTech day for teachers

Nov 12, 2018
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Edwina Mistry
Credit: CreateOps

The ShadowTech programmelets secondary students spend the day with female mentors who hold various technology roles.

This Wednesday, it will be the turn of the teachers to spend the day with technology teams, says Edwina Mistry, TechwomenNZ and CreateOps founder.

“These teachers will be able to talk to students about how important collaboration is in industry and be able to give them real examples of what they have experienced,” she says.

The teachers will be hosted by several organisations that include IBM, Xero, Air NZ, Genesis Energy and Auckland Transport.

The teachers will gain insights into at least four areas:

• Insight into practical application of computational thinking

• Insight into how computer science principles/topics are relevant in the real world

• Insight into real-world development practices, as encouraged by the new curriculum and related NZQA standards

• Real-world development of digital media – authentic processes and skills.

“As a result, we expect to see more students considering careers in technology which will reduce the skill shortage in industry,” says Mistry. “It also means getting big industry involved will give them the opportunity to have input into curriculum at school level.”

“Ideally, we want all teachers in schools teaching tech to experience the wonderful world of tech by spending time alongside leading industry experts,” she adds.

“In level three external exams, students need to write about concepts relating to industry and if teachers have experienced or seen these ideas in action, they can support students more easily.”

ShadowTech Day in Wellington