by CIO New Zealand

Telecom launches Ultra Fibre in Whangarei

Apr 14, 20142 mins
Technology Industry

Telecom has launched Ultra Fibre in Whangarei, opening up access to ultra-fast broadband (UFB) to homes and businesses in the city.

Telecom says this will give Whangarei locals a better quality internet experience than they receive on a standard copper line.

“Ultra Fibre gives customers unprecedented internet speed and performance for their homes or businesses. It will mean people can upload video files in record time, use stutter-free video conferencing with colleagues around the country or use multiple devices across a busy home network without congestion,” says Telecom retail CEO Chris Quin.

“By adopting UFB, New Zealand businesse are also future-proofing themselves for technologies we can’t even imagine yet but will come out over the next five, 10, 20 years,” he states. “After all, 15 years ago, how many of us had our email inbox in our phones? Or had heard of Spotify, Dropbox, Xero or Facebook?”

Residents of streets where fibre infrastructure has been installed by Northpower Fibre can sign up for Ultra Fibre online at or by calling 123.

Telecom Ultra Fibre plans are based on a choice of two speeds and a range of data caps. This includes an entry-level 40GB residential plan starting at $85 per month, Telecom says in a statement.