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TUANZ welcomes discussion papers around convergence and content

Aug 27, 2015
Government IT

TUANZ (The Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand) has welcomed the Government’s release of two papers in relation to the increasing convergence within the communications sector.

TUANZ has raised the issues around the rapidly developing convergence of services and content delivery over telecommunications infrastructure and advocated for a review and alignment of regulation and regulator of the sectors.

“All of us are getting used to the idea of watching what we want, when we want, on whatever device we have with us at the time. Any review should focus on the desired end-user experience and ensure we continue to see increased choice on how we receive content,” says Craig Young, TUANZ CEO, in a statement.

“So we are also pleased to see the Minister clear on the idea that rules and regulations need to be technology neutral, and be focused on the outcomes that our people and organisations experience,” says Young.

“TUANZ’s focus is on helping New Zealand make the most of the digitally connected world and so we will continue to take a lead in providing informed, credible and independent advice on user expectations of digital technology and policy.”

TUANZ will look to engage with its membership over the questions raised in the document and will submit based on that engagement, says Young.

“We have also raised a number of other issues that we believe need to be debated as part of the overall review of Telecommunications law and we look forward to hearing from the Government on those as well.”

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