by Divina Paredes

Genesis launches electricity plan tailored for – and designed with – dairy farmers

May 22, 2019
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New Zealand dairy farmers can now access an electricity plan created specifically for their unique energy use with the launch of For Dairy by Genesis.

The energy company notes that the way dairy farmers generally use energy follows a specific profile.

Genesis For Dairy plan is based on this use, which means dairy farmers will pay less for their power, without having to change the way they use it.

It’s a NZ first, and no other power company provides it, says James Magill, executive general manager, customer and innovation, at Genesis.

For Dairy recognises that the way dairy farmers use electricity is far from standard and with this product could ultimately result in savings of between 5 and 25 per cent off their milking shed electricity bill, he explains.

“We know the milking shed is central to a dairy farming business and that electricity it uses is at off-peak and shoulder times of the day, when everyone else is sleeping or at work. Essentially, we’re rewarding farmers for using energy when no one else is.”

He says For Dairy graphs and forecasts the farmers’ electricity use – and savings – taking into consideration seasonal variations and usage patterns during a typical milking day on the farm.

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Co-development approach

Magill says during the development of the product, one of the participating farmers reviewed his usage through For Dairy and realised an immediate cost saving.

“Instead of leaving the water pump running around the clock, we suggested he get a timer so he could set it to turn on when he needed it, which was during off-peak times, getting the pump warmed up right before the milking schedule and allowing it to cool down soon after.”

He says Genesis will also give dairy farmers greater transparency by splitting out the network charges from the energy charges. He says this is another industry first.

“We want to do everything we can to help businesses be more successful, and we’re constantly looking at ways we can advance technology in the energy sector,” he adds.

“For Dairy does just that, it helps our current and potential farming customers track, monitor and optimise their energy usage.”

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