by George Nott

Online on the dunny, Aussie web usage increases

Sep 26, 2016

This year Australians will spend an average 22 more days on the internet compared with two years ago, according to a report from NBN.

The NBN’s Broad Index shows that web usage is increasing across all states and age groups, the biggest increase – 1.7 hours more per day – recorded among those living in regional areas.

Those with access to the NBN network are the biggest users of the internet and increased their usage more than those who aren’t connected.

In metro areas, internet usage increased from a weekday average of 4.6 hours in 2014 to six hours this year, and outside of the cities, usage went up from 3.9 hours per weekday to 4.2 hours.

When at home, almost three quarters of Australians surveyed said they went online while watching television, 34 per cent while cooking in the kitchen and 33 per cent while on the toilet.

“While NBN connected and unconnected consumers spent similar time online two years ago the gap has widened over the past two years with NBN connected consumers spending more time online than they did in the past and doing more things,” said NBN spokesperson Kelly Stevens.

“As we move further into the digital age fast and reliable broadband will be vital in areas such as business, health, education, entertainment and leisure.

Currently more than three million homes and businesses can connect to the network across Australia, but as that number grows and we head towards our goal of eight million connections by 2020, the positive impact of the NBN network will become more evident.”

The survey of 10,348 Australians found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, that those aged between 18 and 24 are online most throughout the day, followed by millennials, then 35 and 54 year olds. Families with children are the biggest users of the internet overall.

People on the NBN reported being 28 per cent more satisfied with their uploading speed, 29 per cent more satisfied with their downloading speed and 26 per cent more satisfied when it comes to reliability than those not on the network.

NB has said it is on target to complete the rollout of its network in 2020. Earlier this month, NBN’s CEO, Bill Morrow said Australia was on a fast track to become “the world’s first fully connected continent”.