by Rebecca Merrett

AGIMO responds to concerns about data centre sourcing arrangements

Apr 26, 20132 mins
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The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) has released its response to concerns raised about its data-centre-as-a-service multi-user list (DCaaS MUL) and Data Centre Facilities Panel as part of a refresh of its data centre sourcing arrangements.

In its call in March for feedback on its current arrangements, concerns were raised that the limit on individual contracts of $80,000 per annum eliminates larger and more sophisticated outsourced cloud platforms that may exceed this limit.

AGIMO assistant secretary Mundi Tomlinson wrote on the AGIMO blog, “The possibility of extending the DCaaS MUL has been raised by a number of respondents. This does appear to be an area of growth in the market, and we will be reviewing potential opportunities for government in this space.”

Another concern raised was the Data Centre Facilities Panel hinders take up of cloud computing or ‘as a service’ models.

Tomlinson wrote in AGIMO’s response that the panel “does not prevent an agency from adopting cloud (as a service) arrangements or from securing a third-party provider to provide their overarching ICT requirements”.

“The proposed new arrangements may offer agencies the flexibility to plan for and implement changes in technology. As an example, agencies considering moving their data to the cloud will be able to enter arrangements that would accommodate a transition to the cloud/cloud-like services.”

A concern raised by Stuart Adam on the AGIMO blog was the panel makes it “difficult, complex and time-consuming” for suppliers and agencies to “jointly customise a solution”.

He also said the panel makes the process of “conversations with prospects” through “opportunities directly with individual FMAs” more formal and there’s “some confusion as to how the panel practically works and who may make representations to agencies and when such representation may be made”.

AGIMO didn’t clearly respond to Adam’s concerns.

To allow agencies more flexibility to take up new technologies and opportunities as they arise, Tomlinson said agencies will be able to sign leases for less than 10 years, 500m2 or 500kW. He also said existing leases will not be affected by the new arrangements.

AGIMO is also considering including Tier 2 facilities on the panel in its refresh of its data centre sourcing arrangements.

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