by Lisa Banks

Attorney-General outlines cyber security strategy

Jul 20, 20112 mins
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To protect the nation’s digital economy, the Attorney-General has said collaboration and flexibility must be included in the Australian government’s cyber security strategy.

Attorney-General Robert McClelland spoke to attendees of the SecureSydney conference today about government measures to protect Australia from cyber attacks.

“The Australian government recognises the link between the trusted, secure electronic environment and maximising the benefits through a digital economy,” he said.

“Because this is a rapidly changing environment, resilience must be integrated into [security] systems.”

Describing online security as a community-wide obligation, McClelland said the responsibilities of cyber security will only increase in the years ahead.

“We don’t consider our job is done,” he said.

“We think we’re at the start and will continue to build on initiatives which began earlier this year and will ensure that these are met.

“It’s always going to be a shared responsibility by creating partnerships across the Australian digital economy.”

One such partnership is between the United States and Australia, with former CIO of the US Department of Interior, W. Hord Tipton, saying security responsibilities fall across nation boarders.

“When branding a region as a secure place, this brings certain connotations,” Tipton said.

“Wireless technologies, and the sheer growth of the networks we are working with make it a challenge, and it requires the best practices of the people to make this to happen.

“As we know, information security is no longer an ad hoc exercise thanks to certain incidents #8212; it is the responsibility of everyone.”

Government co-operation is also important in preventing cyber attacks such as Stuxnet, which at the recent AusCERT conference, a local consultant said a universal security system must be created and adopted to prevent cyber threats.

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