by Hamish Barwick

Q&A: FIIG Securities CIO, Adrian Dixon

Jul 26, 20124 mins
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Avoiding a data breach is top of mind for FIIG Securities CIO, Adrian Dixon, but he still takes time to enjoy photography on the weekends.

Dixon has been CIO of the Brisbane-based financial investment company for more than a year and has begun a customer relationship management (CRM) migration and development of a new customer website. He spoke with CIO Australia about the projects.

What does an average work day involve for you at FIIG Securities?

Technology is pivotal to our business as it provides the company with a platform for growth and enables us to provide effective tools for client self-service.

I have responsibility across the full spectrum of technology within the business, including strategy, solution delivery, product development, organisational change and operations.

I also spend a significant amount of time working with back office and front office staff to understand their needs as they relate to technology and process improvement.

What are some of the challenges you face in the role of CIO?

Managing technology solutions can be a complex task, so making sure the appropriate project delivery and governance frameworks are in place to ensure all stakeholder expectations are met is challenging.

Our business is all about protecting the assets of clients, whether it is personal information or their financial investments so they need to have confidence they are held in a safe pair of hands.

Like many businesses today, we face a tremendous amount of demand for accurate data. Making sure there is a continued focus on evolving the quality of retained data and that there are user-friendly tools to put that data at the fingertips of those who need it in a timely manner is very important.

What are some of the major projects you have been working on?

We are currently working on a major platform transformation which involves a migration of the CRM platform, replacing core back office applications and building a new secure website.

FIIG Securities has a real focus on client service, so CRM is going to play a more central role in the technology stack.

We have also been investing in core network and infrastructure upgrades over the past six months to ensure that they’re able to be scaled up in line with the growth in demand that we are seeing for fixed income securities and research.

When it is launched, our new website will progressively offer a range of self-service tools to better enable transparency and offer our clients the ability to optimise and model their investment portfolios.

What are the three biggest issues facing CIOs today?

Information security has to be on every CIO’s agenda, it’s not something you can afford to take your eye off, as the consequences of a [security] breach can be catastrophic.

Mobility has been on the radar for a couple of years now and it’s built enough critical mass that it can’t be ignored. Whether it be providing tools for information and sales workers to be more effective in the field, or extending the reach of traditional client facing platforms onto mobile devices, an effective strategy needs to be in place to support the demand for the access anything, anywhere, anytime paradigm.

Data underpins everything in business today, so defining and maintaining a suitable data model to enable business intelligence and provide workers and clients with timely, accurate and relevant information is crucial.

What is your favourite gadget?

My GoPro high definition [HD] camera. The picture quality is amazing and it fits neatly onto my helmet when I go trail bike riding on weekends. It’s also waterproof, so it’s great to take to the beach with the kids.

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