by Hamish Barwick

Queensland Institute of Medical Research seeks data centre services

Jul 10, 20122 mins
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The Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) is seeking a data centre construction partner to build a new facility as it prepares for increased storage needs, according to a request for information.

The new data centre will house a hierarchical storage management (HSM) offering and server infrastructure. According to tender documents, a suitable room has been found at QIMR but a fit out is needed to turn the room into a data centre.

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The facility will also need to house SAN disk, serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) disk and a tape silo.

According to tender documents, there is storage growth potential beyond 10 petabytes. Data centre construction will need to allow for eight full height server racks.

Some chilled water facilities exist in the building that may be included in cooling options for the new facility.

“Modern scientific research methods are generating increasingly large electronic data sets, requiring online storage for interrogation and analysis,” read the tender documents.

“QIMR houses multi-disciplinary research teams in bioinformatics, human genetics, functional genomics, statistical genetics and many other teams, all of which present a multitude of challenges when it comes to data storage and availability.”

QIMR wants the data centre construction partner to provide details of wall building materials, floor specification, required floor space to house the HSM offering and server racks, ceiling height and power supply requirements, including uninterruptable power supply (UPS) recommendations.

The request for information closes on Sunday, 22 July.

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