by Tim Lohman

RailCorp CIO stood down

Jun 09, 20091 min
Technology Industry

RailCorp CIO Vicki Coleman is understood to have been stood down following allegations of corruption against her.

A spokesperson for RailCorp could not name Coleman directly but confirmed an allegation of dishonest or corrupt behaviour had been made in relation to Coleman.

“An allegation of dishonest or corrupt behaviour made against a senior RailCorp manager has been referred to [the Independent Commission Against Corruption]],” the spokesperson said. “RailCorp takes such allegations very seriously and the matter is being investigated.”

“While it is not appropriate to comment further on this matter, RailCorp’s policy is to take swift action in relation to any allegation of dishonest or corrupt conduct reported within the organisation.”

A spokesperson for Transport Minister David Campbell said that as the matter had been referred to the ICAC, the minister could not comment on the matter.

CIO was unable to reach Coleman for comment.

Coleman joined Railcorp in late 2004 after leaving Sydney Water in September of that year.

In November last year she oversaw the implementation of a new identity verification system to regulate access to its human resources services.