by Byron Connolly

NSW government revamps IT services procurement

Jan 30, 20132 mins
GovernmentGovernment IT

The NSW government today announced an overhaul of its primary ICT contract processes, claimed to make it easier for agencies to procure the services they need.

Under the reforms, the NSW government has introduced a two-tier supplier listing that “more realistically reflects the risk profile of the required goods and services,” said the minister for finance and services, Greg Pearce.

These include a new registered supplier list for low-risk goods and services valued at less than $150,000 and an advanced registered supplier list for high-risk contracts worth more than $150,000.

“This reform follows extensive consultation between government and industry to make the most of procurement opportunities and features a simple online application process to replace previous costly panel contracting arrangements,” Pearce said in a statement.

“These new arrangements with ensure NSW government agencies can find and procure the services that best meet their needs and cut red tape for business.

“We are keen to fill the void left by Labor by taking advantage of the ICT sector’s expertiuse that will enable us to improve service delivery for citizens and ensure we meet public expectations.”

The change will come into effect from March 1, 2013.

Developments for the new arrangements will be published on the ProcurePoint website at