by Nadia Cameron

Taylors Wine deploys data analytics to unite business users

Jul 11, 2014 2 mins
Business Intelligence

South Australian winery, Taylors Wines, has deployed a data analytics platform in a bid to improve how information is shared and acted on across the organisation.

The BOARD business intelligence software unites data residing in disparate ecommerce, ERP, product, sales, CRM marketing and vineyard systems, into a central data warehouse.

From there, the software’s analytics and visualisation functions will allow all business units to generate and view data reports in real-time, and better rate its performance.

In a statement, Taylors Wines managing director, Mitchell Taylor, said one of the challenges the company has faced is having many, growing sources of data.

The new software, which has now been deployed across the business, will be used to monitor and analyse Taylors’ data sets, as well as present data previously not visible to be investigated.

The project was overseen by the Taylors IT team, but was managed as a cross-functional project team to improve business reporting. All staff will have access to the reports, and the IT team has the ability to set up permissions to allow different report suites for different users.

Mobile employees, such as those working in sales, the vineyards and production, will also be able to explore data in real-time on mobile devices. Other prospective uses include streamlining budgeting and forecasting, inventory management and improving business capabilities.

“BOARD is an investment in our future and offers our family winery an effective solution for the large amounts of data we have,” Taylor said. “Not only will we be able to manage this better, we expect to see real business results with its implementation.”

BOARD director of operations for Australia, Steven Kellar, said the objective for the software platform was to allow users to spend the time analysing data, rather than gathering it.

“Big data is a challenge, however it is also an opportunity to uncover insights, increase the agility of your business and answer questions that previously were beyond reach.”