by Bonnie Gardiner

NBN declared global leader in wireless broadband

Jul 16, 2015
IT Leadership

Australians connected to the NBN fixed wireless network have access to faster speeds and substantially higher data allowances than anywhere else in the world, according to new research.

A report by Ovum and commissioned by Ericsson, Fixed Wireless Broadband: A Global Comparison, found that the NBN is world leading compared to the performance of 21 overseas wireless broadband providers, with few operators able to match its upcoming 50/20Mbps maximum wholesale speed – currently in a nationwide pilot.

Data allowances over the NBN fixed wireless network for its existing 25/5Mbps wholesale speed tier product offered at least three times more data than the next best international peer (PLDT in the Philippines), while price per GB for this was 75 per cent cheaper than the next best value competitor (T-Mobile in the Czech Republic).

The NBN’s performance for its 25-50/5-20Mbps wholesale speed tier product is expected to be around 33 per cent higher than its next best peer, Meteor in Ireland. The fixed wireless pilot will conclude 20 business days after the commercial launch of the new speed tier product, scheduled for Q4 2015.

More than 600,000 premises are earmarked to receive fast broadband via the NBN fixed wireless network, which is being built and deployed by Ericsson. More than a third of the roll-out to those homes and businesses is already complete and more than 48,000 premises already connected.

The delivery of fast broadband services to rural and regional Australia is expected to help to close the digital divide and deliver new opportunities, the report found. Bill Morrow, NBN CEO, said the research findings are a reflection of high customer satisfaction with the network.

“Thanks to competitive plans offered by our retail service providers, NBN’s fixed wireless end-users in regional Australia are receiving value, speeds and data allowances that are opening up new opportunities in education and entertainment and business.

“We are already seeing examples of NBN network connected businesses increasing export opportunities, innovating ways of working or even able to remain in a regional location in an increasingly digital world.”

David Kennedy, Ovum research director, said the combination of technical performance and high levels of affordability made the NBN fixed wireless network a leading broadband service.

“The arrival of the NBN network will position rural and regional Australians to gain new access to a host of applications at affordable prices, helping to close the gap between city and country as well as Australia and the rest of the world.”