by Byron Connolly

State of the CIO 2020: Benchmark your organisation

Oct 11, 2019
Technology Industry

CIO Australia is announcing its annual State of the CIO survey.

This definitive benchmarking survey measures the role of the CIO in the organisation, budgetary responsibilities, business and leadership challenges, and the key skills necessary for the job today. It helps provide a better understanding of how the role continues to evolve in today’s business climate and help define the agenda for 2020.

The State of the CIO survey is your opportunity to get involved in the conversation and tell us about your top priorities for the next year. It also enables you to benchmark yourself against your peers in the marketplace.

It’s only a barometer of how your IT group is perceived by your organisation. It highlights the status of your relationships with other c-level executives, your ability to innovate, leadership challenges, and your career progression in your role.

The annual survey is being held in conjunction with the CIOExecutive Council.

So tell us what you will be spending most of your time on in 2020 how you will achieve your business and technology objectives.

Should you choose to participate in this 10-minute survey, you will have the opportunity to sign up to receive a report containing highlights from this study. Your responses are confidential and will be reported only in combination with those of other survey participants.

To share your thoughts with us, click here.

This link will be open until October 25. We really appreciate you taking the time to participate.

The highlights of the State of the CIO survey will be featured in a special report in CIO Australia.