by Rodney Gedda

Imixs open source BPM, workflow engine reaches 3.0

Jul 22, 20112 mins
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The open source Imixs Workflow and BPM project has reached its third-generation with a framework now based on the Java EE 6 architecture.

Imixs Workflow offers a Java-based BPM framework to build workflow management systems and the project has different components and sub-projects that can be used to develop workflow solutions in Java.

According to Imixs developer, Ralph Soika, the new workflow engine with version 3.0 allows the BPM solution to be used with any of the newest Java EE Web or application servers like Glassfish 3.1, JBoss 6 or Geronimo.

“Imixs focuses on human based workflow typical used in organisations and enterprises,” Soika wrote on the Imixs blog. “[It] provides users with all necessary information during a business process, like task lists, a process documentation or messaging features. The workflow management system helps users to start a new process, find a document and complete running jobs.”

The Imixs workflow is typically applied to human-to-human workflow applications, but can also be used for technical business process management solutions. And the project provides different service components for any kind of BPM application.

Imixs is licensed under the GNUGPL and does not place any restrictions on the architecture, scalability or transaction level.

And in May, BonitaSoft upgraded its open source BPM suite which is also developed in Java and available under the GPL.

Version 3.0 now supports the Java Persistence API 2.0 and to ease the migration of existing applications, the project structure was separated into components: imixs-workflow-core, imixs-workflow-engine, and imixs-workflow-faces.

“With the Eclipse-based Imixs modeler a business process can be designed with a graphical interface. All changes to the business model can be deployed during runtime,” Soika wrote.

The Imixs project is online at:

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