by Byron Connolly

IT professionals switching jobs for less money

Feb 12, 20142 mins

Almost one in 10 IT workers would be prepared to move to another job that pays less money. This is compared to about one in 20 a year ago, a strong sign that tech staff are increasingly unsatisfied, a national survey has found.

Recruiter Candle spoke to 1260 IT staff and found that 8.6 per cent would move to a lower salary, compared with 4.7 per cent last year.

Candle CEO Kym Quick believes that job cuts and a stagnant IT project market had taken its toll on professionals and warned the industry could lose its vibrancy due to increased worker dissatisfaction.

“The IT sector has been hit hard as companies and governments focus on survival and efficiencies rather than growth and this having a direct impact on professionals who are performing roles that no longer challenge or appeal to them,” said Quick.

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Male IT workers would switch jobs for slightly less of a pay increase than a year ago – $19,617 compared to $20,055. Females still see their market worth and want more money to move – $21,209 compared to $17,002, the survey found.

IT trainers’ pay expectation had jumped by 173 per cent. They want an increase of $29,120 to move from their existing job, compared to $10,633 a year ago.

IT security specialists want an extra $26,317 to move, and testing and quality assurance (QA) workers would take a 10 per cent cut from $17,382 to $16,123.

“The slower IT project implementation cycle has meant fewer QA professionals are being engaged. However, businesses must find a balance and have a continued eye on testing and QA standards so they’re not exposed to glitches which will harm productivity in the long run,” Quick said.