by Lisa Banks

IBM to establish Perth resources solution centre

Jun 08, 2010
Technology Industry

IBM will establish a Natural Resources Solution Centre (NRSC) in its Perth offices in an effort to reduce mining industry IT costs and improve workplace health and safety. The project is being launched in conjunction with the Energy Research Alliance (WA: ERA).

The centre is aimed at helping mining, LNG and petroleum companies “accelerate the development and adoption of innovative technologies and business strategies”.

Chief executive of WA: ERA, Mark Stickells, said the NRSC’s goals will interact well with the objectives of WA: ERA.

“The IBM NRSC’s mission fits directly with our research strengths of earth and resource sciences, carbon storage and geo-thermal energy,” Stickells said in a statement.

“We welcome the establishment of the IBM NRSC in Perth. This builds on local research strengths and capabilities,” he said.

General manager for IBM’s chemical and petroleum industry, John Brantley, said the project will be a collaborative effort.

“The NRSC will bring together IBM experts with local clients, industry, tertiary institutions and strategic business partners to create ground-breaking world class solutions,” Brantley said.

It is the fifth IBM centre of its kind to be developed worldwide and the first in Australia.