by Hamish Barwick

ANZ Bank launches Transactive iOS app for corporate customers

Nov 12, 20122 mins
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ANZ Bank has continued its mobile banking push with the release of the Transactive iOS app for corporate customers, allowing them to remotely monitor real-time account balances, view current transactions and approve or reject payments.

The bank announced that it was developing the app in August 2012 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mobile digital devices. However, there are plans to support other operating systems in the future.

According to the developer, Bottomline Technologies, future enhancements for Transactive include richer security and FX rates functionality to allow customers to initiate payments.

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The app can be downloaded from both the Australian and New Zealand Apple App stores.

According to ANZ global head of payments and cash management Nigel Dobson, ANZ Bank is the first out of the big four Australian banks to deliver a corporate mobile banking offering. It also has plans to roll out Transactive in key Asia-Pacific markets during 2013.

Other Australian banks are targeting corporate customers with real-time payment systems. Westpac is due to roll out a payment instructions system that integrates with SAP software for its corporate customers in the first quarter of 2013.

According to the Westpac head of innovation and implementation Mike Baldwin, Westpac is the first of the big four Australian banks to offer corporate customers the ability to send a payment instruction directly from their SAP system to the bank’s core payment systems and receive a confirmation message back from the bank in real time.

In September this year, National Australia Bank (NAB) announced that it had implemented a banking software platform designed to improve customer service delivery.

The platform, developed by Oracle, includes core banking deposits, loan functions and online service applications. According to the vendor, it can sync with existing applications and IT functions used by banks.

CIO Australia has contacted ANZ Bank for comment.

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