by Stephanie McDonald

Online retail sales lag in June

Aug 01, 20131 min
Technology Industry

Online retail sales lagged slightly in the 12 months to June 2013, according to the NAB online retail sales index, recording the weakest growth rate in the history of the index.

A total of $13.9 billion in sales were transacted online in the year to June, accounting for 6.2 per cent of bricks and mortar retail sales in the year to May 2013.

This compares to around $13.7 billion that was spent on online retail transactions in the 12 months to May 2013.

Bricks and mortar retail grew 2.8 per cent in the 12 months to May (non-seasonally). On a seasonal basis, shop-front retail grew 2.4 per cent for the year to May.

NAB said the slower growth rate in June was attributable to there being only four Fridays in the month this year, compared to five in June 2012, with Fridays typically being a peak online sales day.

“[Secondly], June 2012 featured several major product launches in the homewares and appliances space (particularly in personal computing and mobile phones) – which tend to inflate sales – while June 2013 lacked similar releases, contributing to more subdued growth,” NAB said in its report.

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