by Rodney Gedda

NSW Transport Construction Authority gets new CIO

Feb 03, 2011
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Former NSW housing CIO, Vladas Leonas, has taken the top IT job at another NSW government department, the NSW Transport Construction Authority (TCA).

Leonas has started in his new CIO role this week.

The TCA was formerly named the Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation and is responsible for major transport infrastructure projects in NSW.

The agency manages the development, construction and commissioning of transport infrastructure projects.

Last year, Leonas was profiled in The state of the Australian CIO 2010 report by CIO.

Prior to this Leonas spent four years at the NSW Department of Housing and finished there in September 2010.

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With an IT staff of 165 at Housing NSW, Leonas developed and implemented the strategic ICT plan and ensured on-going governance by operating the Information Management Steering Committee (IMSC).

He also worked on end-to-end service delivery in a mixed environment of outsourced, in-sourced and shared services. Project management and delivery was performed as required.

Leonas was CTO of the Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications (ac3) from 2002 to 2006 where he provided the end-to-end technology function, including strategy and service delivery.

Before this he was CIO of the NSW Department of Public Works with a staff of 130.

Earlier in his career Leonas spent nearly 10 years at Telstra in various IT and project management roles and has worked in the US and Russia.