by Byron Connolly

One-third of NBN users want their old service back

Jun 08, 2018
Technology Industry

More than one-third of NBN users responding to a survey say they would revert back to their previous broadband service if they had the option. spoke to 958 Australians with 34 per cent wishing they could switch back to the old service rather than using the current national broadband network. The main reason for this is they believe their previous connection was more reliable and faster.

Angus Kidman, tech expert at, said in a statement that despite the lack of enthusiasm, there’s no option to revert back.

“The reality is that everyone will need to switch over to the NBN. Aussies generally have 18 months to migrate to the NBN before all copper and cable networks will be disconnected. These figures suggest that many are disappointed with their connection, especially when comparing it to their previous service.”

According to the research, Victorians are the most likely to want to switch back to a non-NBN connection with 40 per cent wishing it could be a possibility. This was followed by NSW residents at 38 per cent and Queenslanders at 30 per cent.

“While the NBN technology available at your address is out of your control, you can switch providers or opt for a faster speed tier if you’re unsatisfied with your NBN connection,” said Kidman.

“If you are experiencing poor speeds, use a broadband speed test to check your connection. If you are unhappy with the results then it’s definitely time to contact your ISP, as well as potentially considering different providers.” suggested if users want to improve their NBN connection, they should check their speed, select the right speed tier for their usage, make sure they are using the right hardware, and try a different ISP.

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