by Lisa Banks

ANZ enterprises using browser-based file sharing apps: report

Nov 16, 2010
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Australia and New Zealand are the only nations where browser-based file sharing applications used in the enterprise are more business centric than entertainment focused when it comes to bandwidth, a new report has claimed.

The Application Usage and Risk Report surveyed 26 organisations in the ANZ region on enterprise application usage.

The report found that compared to the rest of the world, Australia and New Zealand use browser-based file sharing applications in a “business centric” way.

Despite this, Facebook was one of the most popular applications in the application traffic assessments, which found that out some 524 applications five gigabytes (GB) per organisation was consumed by the social networking site.

The trend of collaboration and social networking continued into the arena of cloud computing, where applications were used for multiple areas of the business.

“These applications are being used for business purposes such as backup, storage, ERP/CRM, database, collaboration, and conferencing,” the report said.

Conducted by Palo Alto Networks, the report was compiled from data collected between March and September this year, with the summary stating that web applications are more globalised than ever.

“This report highlights the rapid dissolution of the global barriers to application access,” the report read. “[This] in turn enables worldwide adoption of an application, regardless of where the application was developed.”

With the CIO of CSC recently sharing his move to a social collaboration platform, the report found that when it came to cloud-based applications, the most dominant enterprise-class applications had a worldwide reach, with adoption being driven “by both end-users and IT”.