by Rodney Gedda

NSW government appoints acting CIO

Jan 31, 2011
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The NSW Department of Services, Technology and Administration (DSTA) has appointed Andrew Gavrielatos to the position of acting CIO while it seeks a replacement for former CIO, Emmanuel Rodriguez, who exited the role late last year.

Rodriguez was in the NSW CIO role for three years and succeeded the state’s first CIO, Paul Edgecumbe.

Edgecumbe and Rodriguez were tasked with spearheading the NSW government’s ‘People First’ ICT direction, which started back in 2006.

According to the NSW government directory, Andrew Gavrielatos has replaced Rodriguez as acting NSW government Chief Information Officer.

A spokesperson for the DSTA also confirmed his appointment.

Gavrielatos has a background in management and was previously with the Department of Fair Trading.

He has degrees in arts and social work from Sydney University and a masters degree in management from the University of Technology NSW. He also has teaching qualifications.

Top of Gavrielatos’ agenda will no doubt be the NSW government data centre reform program, which is currently in the final stages of supplier selection.

DSTA is looking at suppliers to provide “scalable, robust data centre capacity in fit-for-purpose data centres to satisfy NSW government agencies’ long term data centre capacity requirements”.

While Gavrielatos has been appointed acting CIO, the DSTA has not stated whether the role will be transformed into a permanent one.