by Divina Paredes

CIO 100: Organisations just under the top 100: Z Energy

Mar 24, 2016
Technology Industry

Z ENERGY IS a New Zealand owned and operated fuel company, supplying oil-derived products to consumers and commercial clients, as well as a manufacturer of biofuels.

Carolyn Algar, CIO, says the two major ICT projects this year are infrastructure integrity and an upgrade of the ERP system. The ICT team will also be moving more on-premise ICT infrastructure to the cloud.

Over the past year, the ICT team supported Z’s large commercial acquisition of Chevron New Zealand (owner of Caltex service stations in NZ) and enabling the coming together of two companies from a systems and technology perspective.

This merger is pending the approval from the Commerce Commission.

The team also worked on the installation of number plate recognition cameras in the service stations. This was to deter people driving off without paying for fuel, which the company says has cost it millions in the past. “Our cameras are smart – why take the risk?” was the message of the video that Z Energy posted on its Facebook page, which explains the nationwide technology rollout.

Other major technology investments for Z this year will be on security/risk management and supply chain.