by Bonnie Gardiner

Melbourne storm gamifies fan experience

Apr 15, 20152 mins
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Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club has partnered with US-based firm Badgeville to bring gamification to its members and fans.

The NRL team will use a new gamified rewards program to increase fan activity and loyalty across its website, social media pages and events.

The program, ‘Lightning Rewards’, will be powered by Badgeville technology to reward support for the team such as engaging with the club online, purchasing food, drinks and merchandise during events, and driving new revenue.

A smartcard-enabled Storm membership card will double as a payment device at the stadium and with sponsors, powered by Vix Technology.

Overall, the rewards program relies on game mechanics such as ranks, challenges, rewards and leaderboards to engage fans, according to Badgeville VP of marketin, Laura Lilyquist.

Melbourne Storm pursued the partnership after pre-existing tools used to track fan activity led to numerous roadblocks when channels remain siloed. The new system also follows the team’s greater goal of innovating within the athletic industry.

“The modern fan has a range of ways available to them to show support for their team, so we aim to reward our supporters’ behavior, whether that is on our website, via our social accounts, at the game or with our sponsor partners,” said Melbourne Storm marketing director, Mike Billing.

“There is no other program like this in Australian sport that integrates smartcard technology to track spending at the stadium, integrates sponsors as well as rewarding digital actions across social and our own website.”