by Byron Connolly

Melbourne Airport in BPM transformation

May 13, 20141 min
ERP Systems

Melbourne Airport has rolled out a business process management (BPM) system that it says has eliminated paper processes and modernised vital airport safety, security and environmental management tasks.

Australia’s second largest airport has created an intuitive business process management system – based on Appian’s Work Platform – for employees across multiple departments.

Paper-based data collection processes have been replaced with an automated electronic system that processes data for airside safety inspections, live incident management reporting and rapid consolidation of customer feedback.

Melbourne Airport said this automation provides greater agility in its operations, while Appian’s native mobile apps provides employees better access to enterprise data and real-time reporting capabilities.

The airport also plans to develop additional process applications including improvements to permit management of airport service requests and terminal maintenance.

“The integrated capabilities of Appian’s Work Platform is helping us modernise critical airport safety, security, and environmental efforts,” said Anna Gikovski, process improvement manager at Melbourne Airport.