by CIO Staff

Foxtel pushes crowdsourcing video initiative in the name of Green IT

May 15, 2013 2 mins
Technology Industry

Foxtel has thrown its weight behind this year’s International Green IT Awareness Week with a video crowdsourcing competition to promote environmentally-friendly technology behaviour.

Green IT Awareness Week from 1-7 June 2013 and is a key focus for Foxtel’s IT team every year that ties into the company’s sustainability efforts.

The global initiative centres around a virtual conference, which runs through the week and attracted 2200 attendees last year. Different companies, consultants and specialists all speak on the topic of green IT and practical learning sessions will also be available.

This year, Foxtel has partnered with Australian video ad crowdsourcing online platform, Brand Honee, to encourage individuals create original videos promoting green IT. Brand Honee’s business model is based on partnering with brands to run contests where creatives submit video content according to a specific brief and the best ad wins a cash prize.

Foxtel is providing a cash pool prize of $5000 for the top three video entries addressing green IT. The competition closes on 2 June.

“Green awareness is an opportunity area for IT that’s growing and I’ve seen a lot of interest from the newer people coming into our market who value this initiative and get behind it,” Foxtel CIO, Robyn Elliott, said.

“At Foxtel, we are conscious of the impact of IT on the environment and want to help promote sustainable actions to reduce waste and become more energy-efficient. Brand Honee gives us a new way to raise awareness while also raising the profiles of highly-talented Australian creatives.”

As part of its green IT efforts, Foxtel also provides ongoing online-based training for staff around green IT policy and awareness and has witnessed a rise in the number of staff completing the program. The media company participates in Green IT Awareness Week every year and uses the opportunity to review its own internal policies and practices on an annual basis.

“The amount of technology we’re introducing into organisations continues to grow and we have a responsibility as to what happens when it’s recycled, to make it more efficient, and to ensure we don’t consume unnecessary power,” Elliott commented.

“A lot of companies are trying to report on sustainability and environmental footprint and some are more rigorous than others, but it’s something IT can have a big impact on.”

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