by Georgina Swan

Queensland police awards $8 million contract to upgrade command and dispatch

Jun 23, 20112 mins
Technology Industry

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) has awarded Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand and $8 million contract to provide a new command and dispatch system to service increasing calls to its 000 emergency response service.

Fujitsu will partner with Fortek Computers, the developer of the command and dispatch software package, to replace two systems currently operated by the QPS. The companies will design, implement and support the project.

The software will integrate with the QPS crime system to cross-match information such as repeat incidents and locations. It will also help communications centre staff match information such as stolen vehicle identification to support police officers.

The combined solution is gaining traction among emergency services throughout the country; QPS joins the NSW fire and police services and the ACT Emergency Service as the fourth customer to implement the solution. Fujitsu is also running projects for the WA, Victorian and SA Police Services.

According to Fujitsu, the system also facilitates the generation of call data for intelligence gathering, analysis, standards monitoring and planning.

Late last year QPS issued a request for proposal to upgrade its 2600 vehicles with cameras, automatic number plate recognition and an in-vehicle computing platform. The project aims to provide police officers with the capability to capture and record both digital images and voice data to aide in the collection of evidence to support activities and prosecutions.

“QPS need the capability to freeze frame, zoom, re-wind and play on the user interface through a touch screen linked to in vehicle computing whilst the camera system is recording,” the organisation said in tender documents.