by Byron Connolly

Credentials the new ‘currency for careers’

Aug 18, 2015
Education Industry

Deakin University is lauding ‘digital badges’ and ‘credentialing’ as alternatives to traditional education models, following a new agreement with US company, Credly.

The university’s credentialing business, DeakinDigital, enables professionals to gain formal recognition for the skills, knowledge and capabilities they have acquired at work and online.

Under the agreement with Credly, users can share and manage independently verified and validated credentials – digital badges – that can be used to demonstrate a range of skills to potential employers.

Credentials can be displayed across a range of platforms such as searchable LinkedIn profiles, employer talent management systems, e-portfolios, social networks, online communities and websites, the companies said.

Allyn Radford, CEO at DeakinDigital said: “We believe credentials are the new currency for careers, and are delighted to be partnering with Credly to promote the recognition and adoption of badges and credentialing as an alternative to traditional education models.”

Last month, DeakinDigital said that from 2016, it would begin offering tech workers a Master of Professional Practice (IT) degree once they complete a set of 16 credentials and a single unit of study at the university. Workers do not need an undergraduate degree to qualify.

Jonathon Finkelstein, CEO of Credly, said DeakinDigital had achieved a world first by creating a formal pathway between credentials and the masters degree through a single capstone unit.

“This type of pioneering innovation will go a long way in setting up DeakinDigital-issued badges to be one of the most trusted and respected credentials in the employment market,” Finkelstein claimed.

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