by Byron Connolly

Optus, Huawei reach 1.41Gbps speeds in 4.5G tech trial

Feb 19, 2016
Technology Industry

Optus and Huawei on Friday have completed a live trail of 4.5G technology resulting in download speeds of 1.41Gbps, with theoretical maximum speeds expected to hit 1.43Gpbs.

The trial of a specific set of 4.5G technologies – known as LTE-Advanced Pro or 4.5G – was completed at Optus’ Gigasite in Newcastle, NSW.

The trial aggregated 100Mhz of Optus’ network frequency band and also used 4x4MIMO and 256QAM technologies to enable higher peak rates.

Optus Network’s acting managing director, Dennis Wong, said the telco is using its network and spectrum assets to test its future network and prepare for 5G technology when it hits in 2020.

“We are committed to identify ways to prepare our network to support this new technology and further improve customer experience,” Wong said.

Huawei Australia, CEO, James Zhao, said the Newcastle field trial is the first milestone of the company’s local investments and research and development in Australia. The partnership between Optus and Huawei commenced with the world first Gigasite in 2013.

The work on 4.5G and 5G technology leverages a memorandum of understanding on joint RD that Optus’ parent company, Singtel, signed with Huawei in 2014.

5G will provide the infrastructure to support advanced wireless techniques, and machine-type communications to support the Internet of Things.

Tay Soo Meng, Singtel group CTO, said as the telco works towards 5G, it expects significant demand for cost-effective connection to a multitude of sensors and devices.

This makes it important that operators deliver new capabilities to enable the new connected ecosystem to support the growth and innovation of M2M services.

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