by Byron Connolly

Optus to help digitise schools

Jun 15, 2015
Education Industry

The Queensland Education Leadership Institute (QELi) and Optus will create technology solutions for schools across the state following a new agreement between the companies.

Under a memorandum of understanding (MOU), OELi will use Optus’ ThinkSpace business solution centre in Sydney to develop digitise program delivery across schools.

ThinkSpace is a purpose-built centre located at Optus’ Macquarie Park. It is currently used by businesses to host workshops using research content and insights from subject matter experts.

QELi CEO, Dr Stephen Brown, said the MOU recognised the importance technology would play in future education delivery.

“Education and technology are an integral partnership in a twenty-first century classroom. In essence, school leaders are preparing students for jobs and careers that do not yet exist and we therefore need to equip schools with the fundamental skills to help them navigate and adapt to the changing environment,” Brown said in a statement.

“With best practice education leaders deploying leading-edge ICT, there is enormous potential to improve student outcomes.”

Optus director of industry development, Allan Burdekin, said the telco had developed tools and provide advice for ICT-enabled business transformation and the lessons learned can be shared with schools.

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