by Hamish Barwick

Airservices CIO Gordon Dunsford resigns

Mar 21, 20142 mins

Government-owned air traffic operations company Airservices has confirmed that its CIO Gordon Dunsford has resigned.

An Airservices spokesperson told CIO Australia that the company is taking the opportunity to review “how best to address the future needs” of its ICT business requirements but would not comment further.

The organisation currently employs a CTO and strategy/architecture manager, Paul Ayers.

According to Dunsford’s LinkedIn profile, which seems to not have been updated, he had been at Airservices for one year. Prior to joining the organisation, he worked at IBM for three years as a CTO and chief architect covering the Asia Pacific and Japan markets.

In February 2014, Dunsford told CIO Australia that IT systems were critical for the company and if they did not work, it could be catastrophic.

“It could potentially mean loss of lives. IT is about helping to ensure more than anything else that we continue with our safety-led way of [operations], ensuring that we have zero loss of separation,” he said at the time.

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