by Rebecca Merrett

Queensland IT projects lagging

Jan 21, 20143 mins
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The Queensland government seems to be making a slow start to the year with a number of IT projects falling behind planned deadlines and going over budget.

The Department of Science, IT, Innovation and the Arts (DSITIA) transition from managed services contracts to its own implemented electronic document and records management system for the government’s shared services was supposed to be completed in October last year.

According to the government’s online dashboard, which was created as part of an ICT action plan following Queensland Health’s $1.2 billion payroll disaster, the project has been flagged red “due to the system experiencing significant performance issues”.

In addition, the estimated cost of the project went up slightly to $597,166 from $577,166 when the project started in July 2012.

“The performance issues were in relation to the workflow component provided by a third party vendor and the upgrade of the system was recommended by the vendor to address the performance issues,” said a DSITIA spokesperson.

The spokesperson confirmed the upgrade of the electronic document and records management system has now been completed, but issues with the workflow component remain.

“The DSITIA governance body will meet soon and the status of this component of the project will be reviewed at this time.”

The connectivity gateway for Web service interactions between Queensland Regulator Systems and the National Licensing Register is also flagged red under DSITIA projects, with the project forecast to be completed in December 2014.

“The initiative at the Commonwealth level has been delayed until 2014. The State’s participation is pending the outcome of the legislative package due into Victoria Parliament at the end of 2013,” read the online dashboard.

This project is now estimated to cost about $1.2 million, $254,045 over budget.

Queensland Health’s Cardiac Information Solutions Program, which is flagged red, is showing $6,880,494 over budget. The project is to improve information management for cardiac clinical care. The project is to be completed in June 2016, having started in January 2010.

Management of Applications, Permits and Licensing Events (MAPLE) is also over budget, from $4,595,000 to $4,805,779, and was supposed to be completed September 2013.

However, these projects are now back on track, confirmed a Queensland spokesperson. A delay in the receipt of invoices with CISP and a transfer of costs between projects with MAPLE caused an underspend, the spokesperson said.

Other projects that are flagged red include an upgrade of the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ ERP environment and Queensland Treasury and Trade’s cloud implementation for email, calendar, instant messaging, electronic document and records management.

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