by Lisa Banks

Online reporting system aims to simplify SBR

Jul 09, 2010

An online reporting system that simplifies business submissions to government departments including the ATO has been launched by Delottie digital.

GovDirect will automatically fill in business details when tax, payroll or accounting information is submitted and is part of the Standard Business Reporting Program (SBR) launched by the federal government earlier this month.

Digital director at Deloitte, Bevan McLeod, said GovDirect will streamline logins for a number of different government portals.

“Many of the forms businesses are required to complete are accessible via an online portal or in a hardcopy format. GovDirect eliminates the need to keep separate logins for each portal and you no longer need to request a paper form to meet your compliance responsibilities. It’s all managed online,” McLeod said.

The application is free to download for 30 days, and subscriptions will start at $99 once this trial period ends.

The news comes as Fujitsu this week announced their latest release of the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) software Interstage XWand Version 11.

The software provides the basis for SBR development and will support the federal Treasury deparment’s SBR program.

Principal architect from Fujitsu’s XBRL team, Peter Campbell, said the release was developed with the government’s SBR team.

“In conjunction with SBR, we developed an Application Programming Interface (API) which embedded (and hid) all the rules used in the SBR XBRL taxonomies allowing developers to XBRL enable their applications in the simplest possible way,” Campbell said.