by Jennifer O'Brien

Frankston City Council beefs up business process management

Sep 07, 2016
Technology Industry

Victoria’s Frankston City Council is deploying the Promapp cloud-based BPM software in a bid to support its ongoing business improvement program.

Home to 135,971 people, Frankston City Council is responsible for more than 150 services, from family and children’s services, traffic regulation, business development and community building, to waste management, planning for appropriate development and ensuring accountability for council’s budget.

Frankston City Council, co-ordinator systems and business architecture, Martha Eccles, said the council had been using processes inconsistently across the organisation with no overall focus on standardisation across its operations.

The current business improvement review, with Promapp in the mix, will now give staff the capability to improve the ownership of process, through first understanding the process and then working to improve it, Eccles said.

The technology will initially be rolled out among the council’s business and IT team and customer relations teams, enabling users to map, review and improve a process and ultimately leading to a smarter way of delivering services to the community.

“As a council our mission is to lead and govern a connected community and deliver services and infrastructure which promote the quality of life for our current and future generations. In order to support these aims, the development of a business improvement strategy underpinned with a culture of process improvement will be critical,” she said.

Promapp’s deployment will support the streamlining of council operations by enabling the organisation to capture processes and improvements. The shareable process knowledge functionality will enable teams to control and manage a process themselves as well as measure performance, control operations, and perform analysis to drive performance improvement, the council said.

Additionally, Lean Value Mapping will enable the council to establish a solid process knowledge base, encourage and develop process ownership, communicate processes in everyday language and uncover new ideas that add value.

Eccles said the technology improvements will encourage staff to identify new and improved ways to provide a service based on streamlined workflows.

“We liked Promapp for its simplicity, ease of use and the fact that it is visually appealing. It will enable us to map current processes and put time and costs against an individual process. In a rate capping environment, it’s now more important than ever to identify ways to deliver high quality services for our residents in more efficient and cost effective ways.”

The technology deployment also enables access to Promapp’s Local Government Shared Process Library, which includes over 1,000 processes developed by councils and uploaded to the cloud for sharing, including processes for activities such as building consents, resource consents, wastewater management, environmental health and environmental monitoring.