by Byron Connolly

NSW govt outsources ServiceFirst functions

Jun 03, 20152 mins

The NSW government has signed a $215 million IT outsourcing deal with Infosys and Unisys, replacing the functions of its in-house shared services provider ServiceFirst.

Under a six year contract, Unisys will provide outsourced IT services including mobile device, laptop and desktop support, central computing infrastructure (including server, storage, networking and data centres). It will also provide a centralised service desk in Sydney, desk-side support, and application services.

ServiceFirst provides technology support services to around 6,000 staff across NSW government agencies.

Unisys will provide services to NSW government agencies such as the Office of Finance and Services, Premier and Cabinet, and NSW Treasury, under a consumption-based delivery model. This enables agencies to provision computing resources on-demand from a catalogue of subscription-based services.

Under the first phase of the program, Unisys will manage ServiceFirst’s environment and that of its client agencies, the vendor said. The fate of ServiceFirst’s 228 full time staff is unclear.

Unisys will then implement a transformation program to transition client agencies to the consumption model running on the company’s own systems at the GovDC location.

“ServiceFirst currently provides a valuable service to the NSW Government and we believe moving to an outsourced, consumption-based model … will provide agencies with a more cost effective way to deliver high-quality IT services for greater employee productivity and better value for NSW taxpayers,” Mr Dominic Perrottet, minster for finance and services said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Infosys will be managing the NSW government agencies’ payroll, HR and financial services functions.

A new specialist delivery centre in Parramatta will also enable Infosys to provide applications management and business process transactional services to the NSW government, Infosys’ VP and regional head, Andrew Groth said in a statement.

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