by Hamish Barwick

Twitter a danger for AFL says Melbourne Storm boss Ron Gauci

Oct 06, 2010
Technology Industry

Melbourne Storm CEO, Ron Gauci, has used Twitter to hit back at comments made by former AFL St Kilda ruckman, Peter Spider Everett on the social media platform.

Everett made the comments on the social networking site after allegations that St Kilda club members were involved with a rape allegation.

He tweeted that girls who went home with AFL players at three in the morning were not going for “a cup of Milo” and also said “Girls! When will you learn!.”

Speaking at the CIO Summit in Melbourne, Gauci said Twitter was a great opportunity but also a hazard for sports clubs.

“I’ve always believed that anything you put in writing may become public and become global very quickly,” he said. “It’s about being responsible with the media that you use.

“As we have seen, some of that passion can end up translating into defamatory statements. The best way for us as a club is to educate players about correct and incorrect use of Twitter.”

Gauci said the Melbourne Storm is developing a policy for its staff and players as well as supporters.

“We want to protect them from moving from passionate statements into comments that can be damaging,” he said.