by Jennifer O'Brien

Henley Properties adopt paperless work environment

Jun 07, 2016
Cloud Computing

The paperless office is a reality for staff at Henley Properties thanks to the adoption of technology that can digitise the entire process of capturing data from workers in the field.

Henley CIO Jeremy Bree says that with a workforce located all over Australia processes such as collating OHS inspection Reports has been a “logistical nightmare”, holding back productivity and increasing administrative burden.

Thanks to the implementation of the technology, created by Melbourne tech start-up Vertical Matters, the building expert has been able to improve productivity and reduce the administrative burden that was associated with dealing with paper.

“Not only do the reports get processed immediately via the cloud, we can capture feature-rich content like photos and the people in the field are able to spend more time on doing what they do best,” Bree said.

After arriving on site, workers can tap their phone, fill out the forms and press submit the form via the cloud.

In a bid to promote the paperless work environment, Henley Builders and Vertical Matters have partnered to host an event that puts the paperless work environment under the spotlight.

To showcase progress being made in this arena, Vertical Matters are putting on a “Tech Day By The Bay” event (South East Water, Frankston, VIC) on Thursday 23 June with participation from Google, HP and DLCS International.