by Lisa Banks

Collaboration, partnerships with multiple vendors key to Cloud success: Thomas Duryea

Oct 27, 20112 mins
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Collaboration and communication with a variety of industry leaders is vital for CIOs looking to implement Cloud computing, an IT industry CEO claimed.

Speaking to CIO Australia, CEO of IT infrastructure services business at Thomas Duryea, Andrew Thomas, said while there are a few formal Cloud frameworks in place, CIOs should seek advice from their peers about the move to Software as a Service (SaaS).

Thomas said CIOs should “talk to as many of their trusted advisers as [much as] they can around the types of options that are becoming available,” Thomas said.

“Frameworks are few and far between, and I think that CIOs need to start looking at how to address compliance, risk and SLAs.”

Thomas said that while many vendors may be offering a ‘one size fits all’ Cloud solution, this may not be the best path for CIOs to go down.

“It is about variety and choice and those organisations that have chosen to specialise in a certain area [of Cloud] are the ones that will continue to meet the needs of CIOs,” he said.

When it came to talking about the Cloud strategy of Thomas Duryea, Thomas said that keeping up to date with the needs of Cloud customers was important.

“The first area we’ve innovated in is managed disaster recovery because that’s where our customers have told us to focus,” he said.

“We’re following their demands and needs and they are saying to us that that they’ve created a canvas of capabilities.”

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