by Varsha Chidambaram

UNIGLOBLE ATB enhances marketing ROI with CRM

Sep 09, 2009
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For global travel network organization Uniblobe Air Travel Bureau, manually managing customer information and sales record was becoming cumbersome. Read how they shifted to an ERM solution that helped them maximize customer satisfaction.

Publish Date:2009-09-10


Being in the service-oriented travel industry, efficient communication and customer satisfaction were paramount to UNIGLOBE Air Travel Bureau. Doing this manually was becoming cumbersome. That’s when they decided to shift to a smart CRM solution that helped them to maximize customer satisfaction while efficiently managing sales records.


• Switpage is a mass mailing tools that allows them to personalize newsletters to customers.• Customizing products as per user requirements was easy because ACT By Sage highly configurable

Reader ROI:

• How to analyze Marketing ROI and Enhance customer experience• Centralizing customer and contact information made easy

The Organization- UNIGLOBE Air Travel Bureau, a Rs. 350 crore global travel network organization, offers a full range of travel management services in both corporate and leisure travel. Established in 1962, Uniglobe ATB is the largest franchise of Uniglobe Travel International in India with 6 branches across the country.

Business case – “Being into the travel industry which is highly competitive and service oriented it is important for us to maintain constant contact and communication with our customers,” says Saurabh Narain, Director & CIO, UNIGLOBE Air Travel Bureau. Manual methods like using excel sheets were proving to cumbersome. Also silos of data were being maintained at various locations and folders including Outlook due to which a 360 degree of the contact or customer was missing. The company was looking for a smart IT-base solution that could assist them in tracking detailed contact information including notes, history, customer communication and sales opportunities all tied to their potential and existing customers for a complete integrated view. The business nedds also dictated the use of a mass mailing tool that could send personalized newsletters to their customers, giving them complete analysis on the success rate of the campaign.

The project – After considering some of the leading CRM and Sales Force Automation Systems both in the On Demand and On Site format, Uniglobe settled for ACT! By Sage because of its user friendly Interface. They were particularly impressed by Switpage, a mass mailing tools that allows them to personalize newsletters to both existing and prospective customers. The CRM solution allows them to view customer information as a single view and has a unique lead management and sales opportunity tracking feature. In addition, it provides them with configurable reports and dashboards to monitor individual and team performance.

“ACT! Has enabled Uniglobe ATB analyze Marketing ROI and Enhance customer experience in tune with the company’s mantra of adding strategic value to its customers.”

First steps: Once the decision to implement ACT was taken, licenses were purchased for 30 users along with implementation and training fee. Resistance to change was the biggest challenge that Sourabh Narain had to overcome while implementing this change. He had to convince his team to break away from existing mind blocks. According to Narain, “We had to not only convince our colleagues of the utility of the software but also impress upon them the real benefits that will accrue to their professional career.”  Customizing products as per user requirements was the next big challenge, but that was relatively easy since ACT! is highly configurable. The project went live in June 2009.

Benefits:  “The solution has enabled Uniglobe ATB analyze Marketing ROI and Enhance customer experience in tune with the company’s mantra of adding strategic value to its customers,” explains Narain. They have been able to centralize Contact and Customer Information for easy access and can now provide customer with relevant travel information when needed while keeping track of sales leads from start to close to achieve greater sales conversions.