AI: A Peek Behind the Curtain of Innovation

BrandPost By Michael Shepherd
Nov 08, 2019
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Within the walls of Dell Technologies, AI projects are revolutionizing and deeply impacting broad swaths of the businesses, making it more efficient and productive.

ai a peek behind the curtain of innovation
Credit: Dell EMC

At first look, it may not be obvious that Dell Technologies is using AI to pioneer new ways to support our customers. From cutting edge Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI to software platforms like World Wide Herd for federating learning in genome research, Dell Technologies is silently building the foundational underpinnings that businesses around the globe will need to become successful in this new age. Within the walls of Dell Technologies, advanced engineering teams are filing patents and blazing new trails in support of the next digital revolution.

The innovation mindset runs deep, and data science teams in our Dell Technologies Services group are leading by example. The focus on “drinking our own champagne” — as Patricia Florissi, Dell EMC’s global CTO for sales, likes to say — helps demonstrate how Dell’s hardware, software and deep learning solutions are both viable and transferable into many verticals, like predicting quality issues in medical devices or detecting fraud. By researching, building and testing use cases while simultaneously driving value and optimizations in Dell’s own digital transformation, our innovators are transforming and disrupting areas previously deemed impossible.

Dell Technologies Services has over 55 million connected devices from PCs to enterprise systems around the world with over 20TB of device telemetry streaming in through connectivity tools.1 This technology proactively resolves issues, predicts future failures and prescribes hardware and software optimizations for customers. Those records, along with cutting-edge models, help to answer key questions about what customers need and how their technology is performing.

Our data scientists have worked to grow and establish an enterprise-scale AI ecosystem that is helping us realize the enormous potentials AI can produce across multiple business domains. Although machine learning techniques have effectively been alerting with predictive failures for more than six years, Dell Technologies Services is utilizing new cutting-edge AI techniques in reinforcement learning, natural language processing and generative adversarial networks to focus on improving existing models while attaching to a broader ecosystem with contextualized data domains.

Dell Technologies Services is leveraging fresh talent with a passion to make the impossible possible and empowering strategic teams to take visionary steps in applying AI advancements to foundational business initiatives. Similar to the methods described in Salim Ismails Exponential Organizations book, this group has stayed focused on innovation and agility as a core foundational tenant in their advanced research. The freedom to experiment and run proof of concepts in areas such as reinforcement learning with graph networks, software defined microarchitectures and elastic architectures like Dell Technologies Cloud Platform has been a difficult but transformational process.

Despite very little fanfare, AI projects are revolutionizing and deeply impacting broad swaths of Dell’s businesses inside the company and are making it more efficient and productive. From single domain projects, like those with fraud, to cross-domain projects that contextualize billions of manufacturing tests to individual service events, AI in Dell Technologies Services is quickly becoming the heart and blood of a streamlined business. The data coursing through the organization’s veins is monetized in new ways while providing exceptional prescriptive support through personalizing system health stability AI models running on every computer with SupportAssist.

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  1. Based on internal analysis of Dell Technologies connectivity and portal technologies as of April 2019.