Adobe Experience Platform Helps Brands Deliver a Consistent Real-Time Customer Experience

BrandPost By Aaron Goldberg
Nov 14, 2019
IT Leadership

Expanding personalization in real time across touchpoints transforms the brand experience

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The goal for today’s brands is clear: Enhance the customer experience with greater personalization, applied consistently and across touchpoints. While this seems like a relatively simple objective, delivering it has been difficult up to this point. Now, though, Adobe is bringing new capabilities and functionality to Adobe Experience Platform, enabling truly game-changing customer experiences that give brands a competitive advantage.

“Customer experience is the new battleground for businesses of any size. Brands must close the gap between the customer, channels they engage on and the brand experience they expect,” said Suresh Vittal, vice president, Adobe Experience Cloud. “Adobe Experience Platform is built to give brands a single, actionable view of each customer in real time without the pain of connecting stale data across siloed systems and different digital and physical customer touch points.” 

Adobe Experience Platform is the industry’s first open and extensible platform that enables brands to link data from disparate touchpoints in real time. Today’s news centers around the general availability of Adobe’s Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP), and will make it simple and straightforward for brands to deliver impactful cross-channel experiences.

Recently announced enhancements to Adobe Experience Platform also address three key challenges to personalization at scale: uniting fragmented data, eliminating inconsistency in the customer experience, and meeting governance demands. This includes:  

  • Real-time omnichannel journey orchestration: Perhaps the biggest issue in delivering comprehensive real-time customer experiences is integrating data from various channels or touchpoints. Adobe Experience Platform changes the game, allowing brands to optimize the experience by activating data from multiple channels in real time. Journey Orchestration, when coupled with Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Campaign, allows brands to integrate known and unknown customer data, thus supporting cross-channel customer profile activation and access to intelligent decision-making throughout the customer journey. Brands can then respond to customer signals or actions in real time, using past behavior and current context.
  • Photoshop-inspired analytics: Customer Journey Analytics is a powerful set of tools that can be used for omnichannel data. This makes it easy for brands to analyze, evaluate, and uncover new insights with better visualization. Photoshop functionality allows more creativity in how data sets are layered on each other or combined, the foundation for creating new perspectives on the customer experience. Adobe Sensei can be added to automate complex or deep analyses.
  • Simplifying data governance: As the number of statutes and regulations increases, effective data governance has become essential to the brand. Adobe Experience Platform provides frameworks that simplify enforcing data usage policies to comply with regulations, obligations, and restrictions associated with various data sets. Adobe offers unique processes for supporting governance demands across campaigns and the overall customer experience. With this solution, a brand can apply specific labels to data based on its governance and compliance needs.

Adobe Experience Platform has the capabilities and functionality that marketers need to deliver the personalized, real-time, and consistent journey that is at the heart of an improved CX. Successful brands will use these tools to create not just compelling but differentiated customer experiences that will drive brand preference and future sales.