Above and Beyond: Driving Digital Transformations in Poland’s Growing Business Sector

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Dec 02, 2019
Cloud ComputingDigital Transformation

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Credit: Keith Binns/istock

Business at Beyond.pl is booming as Poland’s economy continues to grow rapidly. A significant factor in this growth is the cloud and the benefits it offers.

Among many other services, the company offers public and private cloud solutions based on VMware technology. For example, both of Beyond.pl’s data centers deliver cloud services that are VMware Cloud Verified.

“Our VMware cloud enables our business customers to quickly expand their computing resources without needing to purchase and install additional hardware – all with a secure and scalable IT environment that provides them with the processing and storage they need in a virtual data center,” says Beyond.pl’s Chief Marketing Officer Tomasz Sobol.

“Computing power can also be increased as needed, and everything can be controlled by the customer through an administration panel from anywhere in the world as their organization grows,” he adds. “That kind of flexibility and scalability is a game changer for fast growing enterprises of any size.”

Established in 2005 and based in the city of Poznań, Beyond.pl is the first carrier-neutral company offering IT services to the business sector – accessing more than 20 national and international telecommunications operators on its own fiber-optic infrastructure. It is also the only provider in Poland to achieve an ANSI/TIA-942 rated-4 certification for data security, having met or exceeded all of the requirements for architecture, mechanics and hardware, power supply and telecommunications.

Experienced administrators are also on hand to help with any aspects of Beyond.pl’s services, which are based on VMware v Sphere. An additional service-level agreement is also offered to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing Beyond.pl exceeds the most stringent demands for reliability.

Sobol says that organizations today are undergoing IT modernization to meet the challenges posed by rapidly evolving markets, customers, and technology. In this environment, it’s critical to have the right cloud infrastructure.

“Beyond.pl and VMware are perfect for enterprises that require a secure and efficient IT infrastructure that complies with regulations and customer requirements,” he says. “VMware is currently the most flexible cloud solution that allows you to build a consistent infrastructure in public, private and hybrid cloud models. That flexibility is a great advantage for businesses.”

Beyond.pl is already building for the future. Recently the company announced efforts to help universities in Poznań better prepare students for a career in IT, a sector that is undergoing its own transformation.

“We believe that the IT industry requires a combination of university experience and technology acumen,” Sobol says. “Our industry is fast paced and changing every day.”

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