by Divina Paredes

Orion Health launches Amadeus CORE to help organisations tap data analytics and machine learning

Oct 16, 2018
Big DataCloud ComputingDigital Transformation

Health determinants, in isolation, are interesting. In combination, they’re powerfulIan McCrae, Orion Health

Orion Health has added Amadeus CORE to its suite of data management, storage and sharing solutions to enable healthcare organisations to start harnessing the power of big data.

With vast amounts of data from multiple sources to contend with, healthcare organisations struggle to deal with the complicated and expensive technology options for storing large volumes of data securely

A secure health data store, Amadeus CORE is hosted onAmazon Web Services to provide the scalability to support organisations of any size.

With HIPAA compliance and HITRUST certification, Amadeus CORE provides a platform for data analytics, machine learning, value-based care and population health management.

Health data can be drawn upon for analysis allowing organisations the flexibility of leveraging the potential of big data now or in the future when the organisation is ready to use machine learning models to gain insights and make predictions that could improve the lives of their patients.

“Amadeus CORE helps healthcare organisations prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead in data analytics,” says Ian McCrae, founder and CEO, Orion Health.

“Healthcare organisations the world over struggle with disparate and siloed information but see the value of extracting insights from their data for better decision making and more efficient management and operation,” says McCrae, in a statement.

“Securely storing and enabling access to these vast volumes of health data is the first step in a data journey that healthcare organisations can take to share and unleash the potential of their data.”

“Health determinants, in isolation, are interesting. In combination, they’re powerful,” says McCrae.

“Storing and aggregating vast volumes of different data and surfacing it via data analytics and machine learning models brings healthcare organisations a step closer to realising precision medicine, which is only possible when we have the complete picture of a person’s health.”