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CIO100 2018 #31-100: Igor Matich, Dynamo6

Mar 28, 2018
Cloud ComputingCollaboration SoftwareSmall and Medium Business

Dynamo6 provides clients with cloud services and bespoke software delivering innovative solutions, says company founder Igor Matich.

“My approach is collaborative, with my own team and clients,” says Matich.

“Our organisation is very flat and while we have roles and titles we are the same team, and there are no egos! Communication and collaboration is vital to perform well together.”

“We work closely in partnership with our customers, to listen, understand and then act, providing innovative solutions that add value. We always aim to build long-term relationships.”

For Matich, the biggest career lesson is the importance of building capability and high performance teams.

“I’m an avid soccer player and in my team everyone has a position and is the best person for that job.

“Dynamo6 is the same. We have a mix of skills and when we focus on these, magic happens,” he says.

“A great team has balance, no-one’s on a pedestal and there’s no bullshit. It needs openness and honesty in that you can challenge, but also listen and learn.

“It also needs resilience because technology will come and go, but a good team will be able to adapt to any toolset and come out a winner.

Everyone supports each other, as it can be stressful and daunting, but the sense of achievement is felt by all.

“As a father of four I’ve also learned that as in my family, I also feel the responsibility to support and grow people in Dynamo6.

“In any team sport, encouragement, even cheering, bolsters others,” he says.

He explains how they apply these principles with one of their clients, a New Zealand based owner and manager of a portfolio of properties including high profile retail and office assets.

Matich says a key issue is the rapidly changing retail dynamic that’s evolving to being omni-channel, driven by cloud enabled CX.

Large retail operators understand the need to respond to these changes, he says.

Dynamo6 set out to transform the organisation’s use of digital technologies to actively add value to its business and customers through the use of the large volume of data generated by shopper behaviour.

Working with Dynamo6, a programme was established to uncover data sources, capture information and analyse it, and then start making data driven decisions on how to best provide value to retail tenant customers and their customers.

He says a cloud platform provides more capability, so that future additions to the system are scalable. It is more able to capture large volumes of data by creating data lakes, easily integrate with other applications, continuously prototype and innovate, respond to change faster and be agile. It also augments services by adding front-end applications, uses demographics to define the optimal mall layout and retailer location, and supports retail tenant customers to deliver the most effective service.

“Our approach is to guide and educate various parts of the business (finance, IT, marketing, customer relations) through the change, to deliver better productivity and value from their digital assets, and form a relationship with each of these teams,” says Matich.

“The cultural shift involves considering and understanding in detail the changing nature of shopping and what this means for the organisation, including using data and analytics more effectively to support its business.”

He says a new innovation from Dynamo6 is Tuttio, an application integration platform that allows for unifying data across multiple API based applications.

Matich says it’s in beta with an expected launch later this year and built using AWS on a completely serverless platform, to enable rapid scaling and speed not possible otherwise.

“It results from a genuine need for businesses to scale rapidly where all integration is managed through APIs and facilitated by automation of systems.”

Matich says: “We ask ‘what’s next after the cloud?’ For us moving to the cloud is a given, after which we take organisations past the cloud to benefit from its full potential, including changing work practices and providing productivity gains.

“We’re at the forefront of the innovation applying methodologies for the next stage of technology development maximising the three-way relationship between us, the customer and the chosen platform.

“We see ourselves as a complete partner for organisations looking at how to adapt for the future.”