by Divina Paredes

CIO 100: Kristin School Charitable Trust

Mar 24, 2016
Technology Industry

KRISTIN SCHOOL IS known for its progressive approach to education and has been a national leader with innovations such as the development of specialised teaching methods, a digital learning programme across all year levels and a high-speed secure wireless network covering the entire campus.

ICT is integrated into the curriculum at every year level through the school’s Digital Learning Programme. A key feature of the programme is the ability to incorporate the latest advances in technology into the classroom and apply this to each student’s individual learning requirements.

The ICT team provides technical support for both students and staff, and answers general enquiries from parents. The school teaches across all levels the principles of digital citizenship which include awareness of cybersecurity, best practice and care for their devices.

Nigel Wilkinson, director of business services, says Kristin works on the principle of continuous improvement. He says digital strategy opportunities that will be looked at this year include hosted services, improved online functionality and infrastructure renewal.

All devices used by students and staff are registered to the Kristin wireless network. This allows continual monitoring and filtering of material and assistance with diagnosis to minimise the impact of any issues.

Over the past year, the school has allowed all students from Year 4 to bring their own devices. In addition, iPad Mini tablets can be loaned to students whose devices are under repair.

Wilkinson says the school will continue to have major investments in technologies around mobile, customer experience, security/risk management and infrastructure consolidation/virtualisation.

He says the ICT team is meeting the changing needs of the school within prudent financial conditions.

Wilkinson joined the independent, co-educational school late last year. Jason MacDonald, was the School’s director of ICT services for more than 11 years.