by CIO New Zealand

Finzsoft moves core and vertical banking applications to IBM cloud

Oct 16, 20142 mins
Technology Industry

Finzsoft and IBM have entered into a five-year agreement to move Finzsoft’s core and vertical banking applications, including its Sovereign application, to the IBM cloud.

The agreement to host Finzsoft applications in the IBM cloud at IBM data centres in Auckland and Wellington will enable Finzsoft to offer solutions-as-a-service to clients as the company expands across the Asia Pacific region.

Finzsoft provides mission-critical financial software and systems to banks and financial institutions.

Moving to a cloud-based offering will speed up the deployment of its systems, reduce costs and provide security and resiliency to its customers. The cloud-based model enables Finzsoft to meet the growing demands amongst its client base for operating models that deliver agility, availability and stability, the two companies said in a statement.

Under the agreement, Finzsoft will use IBM Cloud Managed Infrastructure Services for New Zealand as well as infrastructure from SoftLayer, an IBM company, enabling the company to use IBM’s global network of enterprise-grade data centres.

“IBM’s reputation as a global tier one IT provider was key to our decision to enter into this agreement,” said Andrew Holliday, managing director, Finzsoft. “Having the IBM brand behind us will strengthen our business proposals to our clients and enable a continued focus on the development and delivery of transformational and scalable solutions for our clients,”

“The banking sector is rapidly transforming,” he added. The focus on digital, mobility, online banking and granular customer data means customers want greater flexibility and more personalised and integrated solutions.

“This agile, on-demand and real time access to solutions as-a-service through the IBM cloud will also help transform how our customers approach core banking refreshes and upgrades.”