by Divina Paredes

CIO 100: New Zealand Post Group

Mar 24, 2016
Technology Industry

THE NEW ZEALAND Post Group is transforming its business to a modern parcels, mail and financial services company that is “sharply focused on the customer”.

Peter Fletcher, group manager of information technology, says key business technology projects ahead will involve improved mail sorting capability, integrated delivery to bring together mail and parcel delivery, improved customer experience of digital parcels, and technology efficiency to further consolidate and reduce the cost to serve.

He says the biggest improvement delivered by the IT team last year was the significant cost reduction through consolidation of infrastructure, applications, and rollout of a new network.

Technologies NZ Post will implement within the year include enhanced and extended APIs, field force mobility, collaboration and supply chain technologies, digital, and information analytics.

The ICT projects are aligned with the group’s goal to meet the mailing needs of customers both physically and digitally.

NZ Post launched in August 2015 a web-based app that allows customers to book urgent parcel deliveries from smartphones.

The app, At Pace (, is primarily targeted for trade businesses that often need supplies delivered at short notice. Placing orders with pick-up and drop-off points, as well as preferred speed of service determines the cost.

In the same month, NZ Post launched, a secure online vault which allows users to gather and organise important documents and submit to StudyLink by creating an account using their RealMe login.

NZ Post released later in November 2015 an extension of the Connect platform – an app called GuideMe to help students walk through the process of where and what to study, applying for student loans and allowances, the different halls of residence, and registering the right tax code.