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NZ Firefighters Credit Union moves to tier one core banking platform

Jul 18, 2018
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Co-op Money NZ says the New Zealand Firefighters Credit Union is the first industrial based credit union in the country to successfully migrate to the tier one core banking platform, Oracle Flexcube.

“Being the first industrial credit union in New Zealand to migrate to Oracle Flexcube is an achievement and milestone for us,” says Brendan Prince, New Zealand Firefighters Credit Union chief executive.

“The successful migration is a huge step forward in enabling us to fulfil the engagement opportunities and meet the growing needs of our membership base.”

“The platform is essentially an investment in our future to ensure that we continue to provide an exceptional member experience and products that meet the needs of our members, while delivering an overall better banking experience for many years to come,” says Prince, in a statement.

Co-op Money NZ Interim chief executive Jonathan Lee says Oracle Flexcube is a powerful tier one core banking platform used by over 300 financial institutions around the world.

“The successful deployment of this platform will now enable New Zealand Firefighters Credit Union to utilise one of the most advanced banking systems in the world,” says Lee.

“Delivering modern and trusted core banking technology, such as Oracle Flexcube, is vital for credit unions to continue to be able to enhance their services to their members.”

The banking solution will provide the platform to help New Zealand Firefighters Credit Union continue to grow, streamline operations and improve the member experience, says Lee.

Having successfully delivered Oracle Flexcube to four credit unions in less than a year, Co-op Money NZ says it is now focused on rolling out the platform to another five credit unions before the end of the year.

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