by Divina Paredes

CIO 100: Department of Corrections

Mar 24, 2016
Technology Industry

“IMPLEMENTING THE TECHNOLOGY Strategy to support the Department’s goals of keeping the public safe and reducing re-offending is a key focus for us this year,” says Department of Corrections acting and deputy CIO Murray Thomson.

“We have made changes to the way our teams are structured to reflect our shift in focus to customer centric services. This includes increasing our ability and expertise in bi-modal delivery and revising our operating model to enable integrated and responsive service to our customers,” says Thomson.

Key projects this year include completion of the conversion of IOMS to browser based technology delivering a single portal to give a broader picture of an offender’s journey through Corrections.

“Nationally we are also rolling out self-service kiosk technology for prisoners,” says Thomson.

The kiosks will use biometrics to provide self-service facilities for prisoners to support more effective prison operations. Corrections is also trialling the use of on-body cameras to enhance staff safety in prisons, he explains.

“Cloud services are at the forefront of our thinking and attention. We are looking to the cloud to achieve efficiencies, cost savings and improve our ability to respond to business needs,” says Thomson.

“Corrections is working with DIA to ensure the adoption of cloud services align with ‘All of Government’ common capabilities,” he says.

Corrections employs around 8000 staff whose ICT needs are supported by a team of 92.